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Inventory Compilation

An inventory report is a comprehensive and detailed record of a property, listing all contents, fixtures and fittings, with comments on their condition. Supporting digital images are taken at the time of compilation (including images of meters where possible) and included within the final report.

It is strongly recommended that all properties are professionally cleaned prior to an inventory being carried out.


A Check-In is a procedure involving an inventory clerk and tenant. Both meet at a property at the commencement date of a tenancy and go through the recently compiled inventory report, agreeing the content therein. A subsequent Check-In Declaration report is produced that lists up-to-date meter readings, plus a breakdown of keys handed over to the tenant. Both tenant and inventory clerk sign the Declaration, which is then forwarded to the instructing principal.


A Check-Out is performed at the end of a tenancy, and can be done either with or without the outgoing tenant being present. It must be carried out as soon as practicably possible following tenant vacation, and before any other party enters, to be sure of accuracy. It involves assessing the condition of the property at the time and comparing it to the time of check-in plus comments made within the inventory report. Allowances are made for fair wear and tear. Meter readings are obtained and digital images are taken; both of which are included within the resulting Check-Out Report.

Property Inspections

A property inspection is usually periodic and carried out mid-tenancy every three to six months. One-off inspections can also be carried out. The main purpose is to check the tenant is fulfilling his/her obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement, and to note the current condition compared to the condition at check-in. A report (including digital images) is produced.

Property Photographs/Images

Professional looking internal and external images for marketing/keepsake purposes. Available in various printed sizes or emailed in .jpg format.


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